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Successful Real Estate Agents Standing In Front Of Australia House

Thank you for attending our Career's Night

Our mission is to empower individuals like yourself to embark on successful careers in real estate.

We hope you found the event informative, inspiring, and beneficial. We look forward to staying connected and supporting you on your journey towards a rewarding and prosperous career in real estate.

About Freedom

We Developed the Solution

Freedom was established due to the absence of adequate support and organised systems for agents within franchise organisations. Traditional Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software typically requires you to handle everything or work on separate operating systems, which is an ineffective and outdated approach.

The Modern Brand

Freedom embraces the concept of professionals doing what they do best. We manage all the mundane yet vital day-to-day backend operations at a corporate level with maximum efficiency. This allows our agents to focus on their clients to deliver an outstanding selling and buying experience because our corporate teams are here to support you with everything else.

Our Secret Ingredient

We operate on The Property Platform, a world-leading real estate business platform that connects you with the industry and allows us to support you in a unique way. Freedom agents are spread across Australia, all connected via one cloud-based, user-friendly operating platform like nothing you have ever seen or experienced before.

Freedom’s combination of culture, support and our world-class operating platform allows you to focus on what you do best. This leaves you and your team to focus on one thing... sales!

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