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Freedom Marketing Campaigns Achieving Results

In February, several Freedom agents showcased exceptional results through the strategic use of digital advertising. Among these successful agents are Josh Sherwood, Jacob Reynolds and Joel Stephenson, whose campaigns have yielded remarkable outcomes, as detailed below:

Josh's marketing campaign in February exemplifies the power of targeted advertising. With a reach of nearly 19,000 individuals, his ads garnered over 68,000 impressions, indicating strong visibility and engagement. More impressively, these efforts resulted in a substantial number of leads, with 20 potential clients expressing interest in his services. 

Last month, Jacob's marketing strategy showcased a significant outreach effort, also reaching 19,000 individuals. His ads left a considerable impact, generating a massive result of over 113,000 impressions across various platforms. Furthermore, he successfully converted this extensive visibility into tangible leads, with 17 prospective clients showing interest in his offerings. 

Joel's marketing campaigns yielded commendable results. With a reach of over 10,000 individuals and more than 27,000 impressions, his campaigns demonstrated a targeted approach that resonated with his audience. Additionally, his campaign generated 9 valuable leads, indicating a significant return on investment for his advertising efforts. Joel's notable outcomes using a focused strategy emphasise the importance of relevance and engagement in real estate marketing. 

Each of these marketing campaigns included a free selling guide offering value to their target audience, engaging video content, powerful landing page and a seamless lead generation funnel complete with an email series - not your stock-standard advert. We are committed to achieving real results. 

These outcomes reflect a landscape where strategic advertising can yield substantial returns. As the real estate industry continues to evolve, these successes serve as a testament to the importance of leveraging digital platforms to drive business growth and establish meaningful connections with clients. 

Is your brand helping you to build your profile and generate leads?

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