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Freedom Property Podcast: Ep. 53 - AREC 2023 Recap

After a huge few weeks behind the scenes at Freedom, the team is back with another value-packed episode. Brothers and business partners, Josh and Jake Sherwood, sit down to chat about the marketplace, provide tips on how to thrive in a challenging climate and reflect on their recent learnings at the 2023 Australian Real Estate Conference.

In particular, Josh and Jake unpack their takeaway points from the event’s star-studded panel with some of Australia’s best real estate agents. Interviewed by well-known trainer, Tom Panos, they included the number one agent in Australia, Alexander Phillips, James Tostevin and Marcus Chiminello, and leading Adelaide agency owner, Phil Harris.

The highlights:

7:05 - there’s no golden ticket

7:52 - how to build a bulletproof team

8:30 - get fanatical about prospecting

10:25 - stay in your lane

11:54 - the importance of marketing and branding

12:08 - you won’t win every listing

12:52 - dominate your property type or patch

14:15 - what to say to secure future business

15:00 - how to use data to build relationships

17:55 - what to send customers to get listings

20:32 - how many calls you should make

22:05 - what happens when you leave a brand

24:30 - how to build your reputation

26:20 - the reasons you aren’t successful

Now in its 25th year, AREC provides an excellent opportunity for real estate agents to invest in their growth. This conversation is absolute gold for real estate agents regardless of your experience level.

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