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Freedom Property Podcast Episode: Becoming the #1 Agent in Only 8 Months with Ben Hyrapietian

Meet Ben Hyrapietian, a reputable real estate agent and office owner with a strong local profile. Operating for the past 11 years across Deception Bay, Rothwell and the Brisbane Peninsula, Ben has sold an impressive 62 properties in the last 12 months. With his strong work ethic, persistent approach and generous spirit, it’s no wonder Ben has established himself as the go-to agent in his area. 

This episode covers a range of diverse topics including the importance of branding, team expansion and even personal wellness. There is a lot to take from this discussion for anyone interested in taking the first steps to start their real estate career or more experienced operators looking to grow their business and reach a higher level of success. 

01:26 Establishing a Reputation: Insights into how Ben built his name and became the #1 agent of choice in his areas of operation in only 8 months.

03:05 Winning Listings through Innovative Marketing: Effective strategies for real results including referral networks and investor-focused approaches. 

06:10 Holding Your Own: The strategies to win on the phone, earn full commission and prosper in a competitive real estate market.

07:15 Modern Approaches to Winning the Listing: Josh provides tips on the process he uses to secure listings, even before you meet with potential clients. 

09:21 What Stops Agents Becoming Consistent: How Ben structures his sales team to ensure consistent lead generation and continual expansion while ensuring work-life balance. 

12:15 Mentoring Young Agents: Supporting new team members, structuring commissions for mutual success and providing them with tools and training to thrive. 

15:43 Daily Wellness Habits: Explore the consistent health and work practices that power success in personal wellness, family dynamics and lead to a balanced work-life routine. 

20:23 Work From Home vs Office-Based Culture: Points to consider when deciding if you want to operate independently from home or join a thriving office environment.

22:25 The Power of Connection: Understanding the personal touches to deliver exceptional service to foster relationships that seamlessly translate into successful business endeavours.

26:02 The Key to Success: Ben’s top tip for ensuring your success. 

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