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Freedom Property Podcast Episode: How to Earn $900k+ in Your Third Year of Real Estate with Jacob Reynolds

Imagine earning over $900k commission in your third year as a lead real estate agent. This week’s returning guest has achieved exactly that. Jacob Reynolds has quickly established himself as one of Freedom’s most successful agents and top sellers through hard work, an efficient sales process, intelligent marketing and outstanding customer service. 

Not only that but he was named #20 in Australia and #1 in the NT for Real Estate Business’ prestigious 2023 Dealmakers Awards, a well-deserved recognition for Freedom’s 2022 Rising Star of the Year. In only his second full year, he secured an impressive 33 settled sales and more than tripled this to a staggering 108 listings last year. 

In this value-packed episode, he shares the secrets to his success, navigating managing his own sales business and Freedom’s first regional office in the Northern Territory while juggling a busy home life as a new dad to twin boys. An inspiring operator and leader, Jacob is often asked what makes him so successful in such a short amount of time. Tune in to discover how he’s doing it. 

04:30 The Mentor Influence: The true impact of mentorship and a solid support system to fuel rapid growth. 

06:20 Keys to Growing a Successful Sales Business: What Jacob did that saw him attract 10-15 appraisals every week. 

07:10 Pivotal Mindset Shift: The transition from hesitating to spend money to creating an appealing business that demands less prospecting and delivers results. 

08:12 Engaging with Potential Clients: Stay classy and focus on being visible in the real estate market to attract clients. 

09:20 Insights into Agent Growth: The community and training course aspiring and experienced agents need to effortlessly enhance and grow your sales business. 

13:00 Hiring Strategies to Build an Unstoppable Team or Office: What qualities to focus on finding rather than trying to mould individuals for success in real estate. 

19:54 Creating Future Real Estate Stars: How Freedom Property is helping young agents launch and supercharge their businesses for long-term success in the shortest amount of time possible. 

21:20 Business and People-Centric Vision: The approach that good leaders should adopt to ensure their people and culture prosper. 

21:38 How to Get More Leads and Attract Team Members: Try this offer-driven marketing strategy to help you with lead generation. 

24:31 Be Their Agent Before You’ve Met Them: The approach to build a connection with potential clients before they even need to use your services. 

26:54 What’s Next: The no-brainer next steps for real estate agents once you have established a successful sales business and office. Stay tuned for Jacob’s next big moves. 

We’re so excited to see what Jacob achieves in 2024 and beyond. To find out more about Jacob Reynolds, visit⁠.

To watch on YouTube, click here. Listen and subscribe to the podcast on Spotify or Apple Podcasts. Keep an eye on our socials to learn more about Agent Growth, coming soon.

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