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Freedom Property Podcast Episode: Meet 2023 REIQ Buyers Agent of the Year, Joanna Boyd

Joanna Boyd is an award-winning Brisbane-based Buyers Agent advocating for home buyers. Named 2023 REIQ Buyers Agent of the Year, she has 25+ years of experience within the industry, a wealth of knowledge and a compelling story. 

Following the sudden passing of her husband, Tony in 2017, she reset and began a new chapter. Joanna established her agency to help those faced with major life changes and similar hardships to what she encountered. Joanna was a wonderful guest and this discussion provides value for agents and clients alike. 

01:38 Backing Herself: The life and career events that led to the establishment of Joanna Boyd Buyers Advocate, and the determination it took to make it happen. 

02:38 - Rise of Buyers Agencies: Reflecting on the evolution of buyers agencies, now gaining prominence, with emphasis on the distinction between buyers and sellers agents.

04:45 Organic, Repeat and Referral Business: Building relationships, highlighting the benefits of collaboration and increasing comfort among agents working with buyers agents.

07:23 Success Amid Market Shifts: Incorporating Buyer Managers into sales teams, offering exceptional service to buyers, and leveraging collected data to showcase buyer knowledge. 

08:30 Unique Role of a Buyers Agent: Examining this specialised focus, exclusively dedicated to buying, versus Buyer Managers, servicing buyers with motivation to secure more listings.

10:30 Team Dynamics and Client Onboarding: Joanna discusses her team of five, the diverse onboarding process catering to individual needs and streamlining client communication. 

14:05 Client Fees and Deal Management: The importance of charging upfront, engagement, and success fees, along with efficiently managing deals once a contract is secured. 

16:00 The Buyer Agent Advantage: The value of working with a Buyer Agent, particularly for property investors with financial objectives. 

17:13 Pain Points to Buying a Home: Strategies to promote and secure business - saving time, effort and being backed by educated agents with a client’s requirements in mind. 

18:39 Screening Serious Buyers: The advantage of upfront fees in identifying serious buyers, fostering a more committed clientele ready to purchase. 

19:45 Benefits of Sellers and Buyers Agents Working Together: Why selling agents shouldn’t be threatened and instead establish mutually beneficial relationships in various market conditions. 

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