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Innovative Marketing at Freedom Property

At Freedom Property, innovative marketing strategies are at the heart of our success. Our in-house marketing team consistently delivers results that set us apart in the competitive real estate industry. One standout example from June is Jacob Reynolds’ campaign, which showcased the team's creativity and effectiveness.

In June, Jacob Reynolds launched a giveaway campaign, and the campaign's metrics speak volumes about its success:

  • Leads Generated: 376

  • Reach: 15,594

  • Impressions: 277,581

These impressive numbers were achieved primarily through targeted Facebook ads, a testament to the precise and strategic approach of our marketing team.

The giveaway was meticulously crafted to attract homeowners and potential buyers interested in property upgrades. By focusing on a relevant and desirable reward, the campaign resonated with the target audience, driving significant engagement.

Our marketing team utilised Facebook's advanced targeting options to ensure the ads reached the right people. The reach of 15,594 indicates the number of unique users who saw the ad, while the 277,581 impressions highlight the ad's visibility and repeated exposure.

Generating 376 leads from a single campaign is no small feat. This success is a direct result of the marketing team's ability to create compelling ad content and optimise it for lead generation. With each of these leads providing their home, email address and phone number, helping our agents get that much closer to matching individuals with their dream homes.

Looking Ahead

Jacob Reynolds’ giveaway is just one of the many successful campaigns that highlight the prowess of Freedom Property's marketing team. As we continue to innovate and refine our strategies, we look forward to achieving even greater results and helping more clients find their perfect homes.

With an in-house team committed to excellence, we're not just keeping up with the industry - we're setting new standards.

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