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Mastering Real Estate Risks: Insights from Sunstate Conveyancing Founder, Bec Petroff

In this podcast episode, Rebecca Petroff, founder of Sunstate Conveyancing, shares her extensive experience in various roles within the real estate industry. She provides valuable insights on mitigating risks when selling and listing properties.

Bec's expertise sheds light on how to effectively navigate the complexities of real estate transactions and minimise potential risks for all parties involved.

Here’s the breakdown:

00:00 - A conversation with Rebecca Petroff.

00:50 - Virtual offices, team locations and the importance of accurate contracts for agents.

01:55 - Settlement day surprise and navigating communication pitfalls.

03:06 - Navigating communication boundaries. What agents can and can’t say.

03:36 - What agents should do when selling properties with complicated histories.

04:40 - Avoiding damaging disclosures and understand what information can impact a property sale.

05:18 - Managing disclosure - How agents can handle questions about previous property issues.

06:08 - Navigating grey areas and dealing with unconventional property features.

07:01 - Negotiating seller instructions by balancing legal obligations and seller demands.

08:02 - Importance of full disclosure. Mitigating risks and protecting sellers.

08:57 - Handling family relationships in real estate transactions.

10:05 - Managing employee purchase of listings.

10:44 - Strengthening partnerships and the role of conveyancers in real estate.

11:53 - Delving into legal nuances and being dedicated to understanding legislation.

12:48 - Empowering new agents and the importance of legal education.

14:09 - Lessons from previous real estate experiences.

15:34 - Navigating buyer and seller concerns.

17:46 - Setting realistic expectations and ensuring reasonable requests.

18:55 - Collaborative challenge in the conveyancing world.

19:46 - Leveraging challenges for professional development.

21:55 - Documentation discipline.

22:26 - Handwritten vs. professional documentation

23:27 - Reflections on contract handling in Queensland real estate and building trust with conveyancers.

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