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Stepping into Sales: Meet Joel Stephenson

After joining Freedom as a Buyer Manager, gaining valuable knowledge and skills within a high-performing sales team, Joel Stephenson has now stepped out on his own as a lead agent.

For Joel, it’s the people and the location that make being an agent in the beautiful Redlands such a rewarding career. Living and working in the area for the past seven years, and a member of the award-winning Mr Sell Team from Freedom Property has given Joel a firm foundation to build his market knowledge and insight.

With a passion for acreage homes and large blocks of land, and the privacy and flexibility they offer, Joel understands that there is a gap in the market and specialises in this type of property. With fantastic lifestyle opportunities provided by properties such as these, he is keen to bring them to market for clients to experience these options for themselves.

To find out more about Joel, visit his website.


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