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Meet The Team Behind the Scenes

As Freedom agents list and sell, our head office team is here to support them every step of the way. Watch the video above and read on to meet some of our friendly faces behind the scenes. 

Josh Sherwood - Freedom Property Director

Taking an innovative approach focused on intelligent systems, processes and marketing, Josh leads the way, providing invaluable training to ensure Freedom operates in a modern capacity. 

Gary Sherwood - Finance Management

Tasks include bookkeeping, plus assisting agents with their understanding of commission and general business management and structure. 

Chloe Carston - Operations Management

Organising franchise agreements, monthly reports, assisting with sales and administration enquiries plus general business innovation. 

Tanya Andersen - Communications Management

Working behind the scenes across a range of departments, particularly marketing, Tanya ensures our brand messaging is on point. 

Elissa Hewitt - Community Management & Events

Elissa is your go-to for general support and anything relating to Freedom Communities, while also taking charge of Freedom’s event planning. 

Chelsea McKenzie - Contracts Processing

Overseeing listing and sale contracts, coordinating and communicating key milestones with all parties through to settlement. 

Taylah Forbes - Digital Listing Coordination

Taylah is in direct contact with agents and their clients during the listing onboarding process, organising everything between Form 6 and launch. 

Chris Ee - Head of Digital Marketing

Overseeing the department, Chris takes care of the digital marketing for agents and their listings to ensure they get noticed. 

Melissa Christensen - Social Media Management

Primarily focused on managing our brand and agents’ social media accounts, Melissa provides a range of services designed to increase profile. 

Aimon Bebendorf - Head of Media

The main contact for all things media-related, Aimon is passionate about capturing content that makes agents and their listings stand out. 

Matt Bushell - Media & Graphic Design

A multi-talented member of Freedom Media always reliable and motivated to please, Matt handles Photography and Graphic Design. 

Henrik Richards - Media

Adept with photography and videography, Henrik is an all-rounder, operating within our media team to ensure you and your listings are captured perfectly.

Our Story 

Freedom Property was established due to the absence of adequate support and organised systems for real estate agents. Our philosophy focuses on empowering excellence in customer service by enabling agents to focus on what they do best and be free of everything else.

Embracing a modern approach, we manage essential yet routine operations at a corporate level, giving agents the freedom to list and sell with ease. 

Getting Help is Easy

We have a range of training and support resources to assist Freedom agents on their real estate journeys. Before commencing, each new recruit attends an onboarding session where we run them through their system, processes and any questions they may have. 

Within our state-of-the-art business operating system, there is a Help & Learning Centre containing everything needed to operate the technology. It provides information, anytime and anywhere, at lightning speed. 

We have also recently launched our Agent Growth community and training course. It answers every possible question you may have about real estate. To find out more and join, go to

Lastly, listeners can tune into the Freedom Property Podcast, available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and YouTube. Freedom Director, Josh Sherwood and his guests delve into burning real estate topics, providing insights and useful tips from the best operators to help agents level up. 

Beyond this, we have the largest events and training schedule in the industry. For more information, visit this article on the topic. 

Freedom is fully committed to helping our agents not only succeed but strive for excellence. 

To work with a supportive, experienced and motivated team that has your back, fill out the form below. 


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