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New & Returning Agents Join Freedom

We are thrilled to announce another wave of talented individuals joining the Freedom ranks, a diverse group of professionals ready to make their mark in the world of real estate. 

From experienced agents returning home to fresh faces eager to make their mark, our team continues to grow stronger, offering unparalleled expertise and service to clients.

Read on to find out more about our new recruits.

Gemma Coady 

In an exciting turn of events, a familiar face has returned to Freedom in less than 12 months following a brief stint away. 

Gemma Coady delivers best practice techniques, knowledge and advice to maximise a property’s optimal appeal. With a strong background in business and marketing, she is also a Sponsor and Executive Committee Member of the Redlands Coast Chamber of Commerce, a Sponsor and Chairperson of Cleveland State School Council and a Sponsor of Redlands United Football Club.

Of the move, Gemma said, “What a massive couple of days for The Gemma Coady Team... to be welcomed back home with open arms and big smiles at Freedom Property!”

Impressively, Gemma launched three stunning new properties in her first 24 hours back with Freedom, highlighting her unwavering commitment to client service and the speed at which Freedom is able to operate, swiftly onboarding agents and listings alike. 

For more information about Gemma and her available listings, visit her website

Jack Coffey 

Jack is a Buyer Manager for The Livvvin Team, working alongside Lead Agent, Wade Trask at Freedom Property Central in Cleveland

For more information about Jack, visit the Livvvin Team website

Emily Toms 

Emily is an experienced Administration Assistant for Josh Sherwood and Mr Sell Team at Freedom Property Central, operating primarily throughout Redland City and Brisbane East. 

For more information about Emily, visit the Mr Sell Team website

Umeshkumar Patel 

Umesh is a Buyer Manager with JH Team at Freedom Property Palmerston in Darwin, working alongside award-winning Lead Agent, Jacob Reynolds. Established in 2022, the agency has a proven track record for excellence in servicing their local community. 

Umesh holds an MBA in Business Administration and Accounting, and an Advanced Diploma in Social Media Marketing. His multifaceted education and diverse professional experience affords him an incredibly holistic approach to real estate sales. 

Known for his commitment to trust, values and results, alongside a uniquely high level of determination and persistence, Umesh spent months chasing down his position before officially taking up the coveted role. With an extremely friendly, helpful and driven approach to servicing clients, we are so pleased to welcome Umesh to Freedom. 

For more about Umesh, visit his profile

Arjun Sharma 

Arjun is the newest addition to the JH Team, operating as a Buyer Manager at Freedom Property Palmerston, with his sights firmly set on transitioning swiftly into the role of Sales Associate in the near future under Jacob Reynold’s expert guidance. 

Within the JH Team, Arjun has found more than just a workplace - it's a community that values collaboration and strives for excellence in every aspect. Committed to making a tangible difference in people's lives through real estate, he is driven by the belief that it's not just about transactions; it's about building lasting relationships and helping others find their perfect home.

Well equipped with a strong background in finance and marketing, and a confident and personable approach that has already seen him gain traction within his local marketplace, we cannot wait to see what Arjun achieves within the industry. 

For more about Arjun, visit his profile

Stephanie Carter 

Rounding out Freedom and JH Team’s newest recruits, Stephanie is a Buyer Manager servicing clients alongside renowned agent, Jacob Reynolds at Freedom Property Palmerston. 

Bringing with her a wealth of local knowledge and a passion for real estate, Stephanie is poised to make significant contributions to the team's success in the Northern Territory. Having previously run her own catering business in Darwin, Stephanie has developed a deep understanding of the local area and its vibrant community.

She has hit the ground running, building incredible rapport with customers in her local area and garnering extremely positive feedback and reviews since joining the Darwin-based agency. 

For more about Stephanie, visit her profile.

This recent influx into the Freedom team marks an exciting chapter in our story. 

With seasoned professionals and motivated young talent joining the team, Freedom Property is poised for even greater success. Each member brings unique skills, experiences and a passion for excellence, promising to elevate the standards of service and innovation within the industry. 

As we welcome these exceptional individuals, we anticipate a future filled with thriving partnerships, successful transactions and the continued growth of Freedom Property's footprint in the market. 

For more information about joining Freedom, fill out the form below.


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