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Reflecting on 2023 in Numbers

In 2023, Freedom Property continued our stride forward. With 784 listings, a number reflecting the trust and confidence of clients, and an average 27 days on market, we've consistently aimed to deliver comprehensive, efficient and varied choices for both buyers and sellers. 

One of the standout achievements of the year was conducting 101 auction campaigns, a remarkable milestone that surpasses previous years and underlines our commitment to effective sales methods. This figure, 21 more than in 2022 and a significant 37 more than in 2021, demonstrates the growing preference for auction and showcases our ability to adapt to market trends by offering dynamic solutions. 

This resulted in 579 successful settlements, making the dreams of numerous buyers and sellers a reality. The total sales value of $460,219,625 signifies not just numbers but successful stories, relationships built and opportunities seized. With over 167,589 calls made to our valued client base throughout the year, rest assured our team is working hard to service their communities.

Of these, the landmark sale of 200-218 Barrams Road, White Rock for $8,900,000 by Freedom Property agent David Luscombe stands out as a highlight and sets a new precedent for excellence. Other significant sales included 33 Luke Street, Thornlands by Josh Sherwood for $2,500,000; 8 Genoa Court, Raby Bay by Cooper McCormack for $2,300,000; 2 Willett Court, Thornlands for $2,250,000 by Kristian Parker; 28-30 Parkwood Drive, Capalaba for $2,130,000 by Wade Trask; and the sale of 17 Carling Court, Raby Bay by Luke Nel for $2,100,000. 

Taking care of daily back-end tasks including digital listings, contracts and marketing, Freedom agents are free to focus on their work and, as a result, go above and beyond to service their current and prospective clients throughout the year. A total of 35,456 leads were generated for our agents and, given we’ve recently stepped up our marketing efforts, expanding the team and doubling down, we are excited to see what 2024 holds. 

These statistics not only highlight our unwavering dedication to achieving excellence but also serve as an assurance to potential agents and clients. At Freedom Property, we don’t focus merely on the numbers but what they represent as a symbol of trust, innovation and the relentless pursuit of excellence. When dealing with Freedom as a client or agent, expect a journey filled with success. 

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