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Reflecting on February: $49M+ in Sales & Short Days on Market

The shorter stride of February has been a period of incredible growth and accomplishment, driven by our dedicated team. There have been plenty of noteworthy achievements reflecting our steadfast commitment to achieving results for our clients. Within this concise yet impactful month, the team's combined efforts have once again set a high bar for success. 

In terms of listings, Freedom Property showcased a varied portfolio of 69 properties - one short of the impressive 70 secured in the longer month of January to kick off the year. The proficiency of our agents and processes are evident in the swift 5 days on market average, a testament to our streamlined processes, system and market expertise. 

Demonstrating both quality and quantity, the team achieved 53 unconditional sales, including six auctions - 15 more than the previous month. This resulted in a massive $49,095,830 in total unconditional sales. 

We acknowledge the collective contributions that make Freedom Property what it is. Our people’s commitment is the cornerstone of our success. Let’s tip our hats to the top performers of February: 

2 Beaufort Court, Raby Bay

  • Sold for $2,400,000 

  • 23 days on the market 

  • 37 enquiries 

  • Sold by Cooper McCormack 

1 Captains Court, Cleveland

  • Sold for $1,900,000

  • 28 days on the market

  • 52 enquiries

  • Sold by Emma Miller 

6 Keirnan Street, Redland Bay

  • Achieved $1,465,000

  • 73 days on the market

  • 25 enquiries 

  • Sold by Josh Sherwood & Missy Hammond 

120-124 Ziegenfusz Road, Thornlands

  • Secured at $1,400,000 

  • 70 days on the market

  • 94 enquiries

  • Sold by Josh Sherwood & Jake Sherwood 

134 Campbell Road, Sheldon

  • Achieved $1,375,000

  • 107 days on the market 

  • 93 enquiries 

  • Sold by Wade Trask & Teagan Smart

But sales numbers alone don't define success - our engagement with a robust 3,371 leads representing new connections underscores the effectiveness of our marketing strategies, the strength of our networking and the resonance of the Freedom name. 

“The engagement shown in our statistics speaks volumes about the team's persistence and commitment. Through consistent outreach, our agents have created meaningful opportunities, a testament to their dedication,” said Freedom Director Josh Sherwood. 

Beyond the figures, February at Freedom Property is a celebration of persistence, teamwork and a shared commitment to delivering outstanding results. Each call, listing and sale contributes to the vibrant tapestry of our success. As we reflect on this dynamic month, we extend our gratitude to the entire Freedom network and many valued clients for making these achievements possible. 

Looking ahead, we remain dedicated to the pursuit of excellence, eagerly anticipating the opportunities and triumphs that the coming months will undoubtedly bring. Together, we continue to make our mark within the industry.

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