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Season 3 of the Freedom Property Podcast: A Deep Dive into Training, Media & Marketing

Welcome back to the much-anticipated third season of the Freedom Property Podcast – our most extensive one yet! We're thrilled to be back in your headphones, coming to you from our brand-new studio, with an exciting lineup of guests and a commitment to delivering more value than ever before.

In this return episode, Aimon Bebendorf, Freedom’s Head of Media, collaborates with Freedom Director, Josh Sherwood, for an enlightening discussion covering a wide range of topics from training to media and marketing. They delve into the exciting developments at Freedom Property and the podcast, providing fresh content and innovative updates.

The duo explores Agent Growth, delving into the community, marketing team and training course you need to elevate your career. Additionally, they unveil a comprehensive plan for 2024, aiming to deliver unparalleled value and simplify the lives of agents.

Throughout the episode, they cover various topics including The Modern Currency and Value Economy, distinguishing between modern and old-school marketing techniques, identifying issues with marketing strategies, understanding the key to effective advertising, leveraging listing media and adopting a winning approach. The episode includes an insight into Josh’s listing presentation.

While listening to this discussion, you are urged to keep at the forefront of your mind the importance of having the right team, system and process in place for maximum success - because, without these key elements, it's all pointless.

Stay tuned for upcoming episodes and keep an eye on our social media channels for more details about Agent Growth, coming soon.

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