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The Next Chapter: Introducing Freedom Property’s Latest Recruits

We are overjoyed to announce another swathe of incoming talent to Freedom Property. Read on to find out more about our exciting new recruits, and join us in extending them a very warm welcome.

Brooke Cramp

Under the esteemed guidance of renowned agents Josh and Jake Sherwood, Brooke embarked on her real estate journey at Freedom Property Central, quickly establishing herself as a dedicated and knowledgeable professional in the field.

With her roots firmly planted in the Redland City region, Brooke possesses an intimate knowledge of the local market dynamics, enabling her to offer invaluable insights and guidance to her clients.

For more information about Brooke, visit her website.

Thomas Rohm-Hurford

Now operating as a lead agent at Freedom Property Central, Thomas spent his first couple of years with Freedom as a Buyer Manager, learning about sales and servicing local buyers. His introduction to real estate has given him a comprehensive understanding of the market and set him on a clear path of progression in his real estate career.

His extensive background in customer service and a natural talent for understanding people's needs have helped Thomas hone his skills to provide a seamless and personalised experience for every client.

For more information about Tom, visit his website.

Ashleigh Theo

Ashleigh is a Buyer Manager working alongside Tomas Tonks-Foote at Freedom Property Central.

For information about the team, visit their website.

Be sure to reach out to one of our experienced real estate professionals for all your property needs. They are ready and waiting to guide you in your selling or buying journey.

With more fresh faces currently going through the onboarding process and waiting in the wings to announce their launch under the Freedom banner, we look forward to bringing you more information about our growing team soon.

For information about working with Freedom, fill out the form below.


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