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When do Buyers Spring into Action?

Traditionally, Spring is considered the perfect season for selling a home. Gardens are at peak beauty, potential buyers eagerly attend open house viewings in the pleasant weather and a Spring sale ensures that buyers can settle into their new homes just in time for the upcoming end-of-year holiday season.

Throughout much of this year, strong housing demand and a scarcity of new listings entering the market have balanced the effects of rising interest rates.

In Sydney and Melbourne in particular, an increase in new listings is occurring as seller confidence grows. However, the demand from buyers continues to significantly outweigh the available supply, resulting in an upward push on prices.

Meanwhile, in Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth, the restricted selection has ignited fierce competition among buyers, creating highly favourable selling conditions and propelling prices to new highs.

With an influx of new listings expected in the spring season, there is a possibility that the rate of home price growth could begin to slow. However, as interest rates have stabilised and are likely at or near their highest point, market confidence is expected to last, potentially leading to a return to positive annual price growth across the country.

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