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At Freedom Property, we empower our agents to give back to the community.

Through our quarterly Community Support Campaigns, Freedom gives away $5,000 to local schools, small businesses, sporting teams and families. These funds help with initiatives such as new sporting uniforms, team travel, school veggie gardens or updated equipment.

Each quarter, our agents join forces with the communities in which they operate to participate in our campaigns.

We have proudly helped:

  • Local Schools

  • Sporting Teams

  • Small Businesses

  • Local Organisations

  • Arts and Culture Groups

Freedom agents are nominated as sponsors by those entering to help support their entry. They do this by promoting them via email, on social media and distributing flyers to neighbouring homes and businesses.

Those who enter or vote in our competitions are contacted every few months reminding them about the work we do to support them.

At Freedom, we have a plan to help you engage with your customers and build goodwill by improving our communities.

Together, we can make a difference.

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