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Real Estate Agent recieving an award for outstanding work

The Freedom Family

It’s difficult to excel in an environment that lacks culture.

We believe in incorporating connection into everything we do so that no member of our team ever feels alone. It's not serious business all the time, and we make sure to foster a supportive, collaborative and fun environment.

✅ From yacht parties to gala nights, Freedom hosts quarterly and annual awards and training events focused on connection, learning and growth. You work hard, so let’s celebrate in style.

✅ Freedom Excellence Awards allow us to recognise the achievements of individuals and are an opportunity for top performers to be acknowledged for their hard work and success. 

✅ Modern agents need modern training. That’s why we’ve ditched the old-school tunnel-vision focus on dialogue and instead use system-based evidence and business management procedures that work.

We know you are social beings at heart and reconnecting with colleagues has countless proven benefits.

While we might not be blood-related, the Freedom team are definitely family.

Are you ready to experience the culture you have always wanted?

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