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$160k Commission in 3 Months: The 21-Year-Old Breaking the Real Estate Agent Mould

Nathan Luan is the young gun changing the game, re-setting the standard and showing new agents what's possible. In the first quarter of this year alone, he has written over $160k in commission with every indication that he'll reach massive numbers by the end of the year, given his current upward trajectory. 

But it's not a showy demeanour or cut-throat confidence that is driving this 21-year-old's success; refreshingly, it's the opposite. Nathan’s humble, authentic nature, work ethic and self-awareness are allowing him to truly break the mould. 

Mentor, sales coach and Freedom Director, Josh Sherwood, has welcomed and guided Nathan to adopt the processes and approach that gets results - and he couldn't be more proud of the outcome so far. Now encouraging Nathan to aim even higher and re-evaluate what's possible to fast-track his career, this is a motivating episode for any determined agent wanting to expand their thinking. 

Coming full circle, Nathan first heard about Freedom through listening to the podcast before reaching out, and we would recommend you do the same. 

Tune in to hear about the following topics:

00:00 - Unlocking Success with Nathan, the Rising Star of Freedom Property.

01:32 - Driven by Purpose: the Journey into Real Estate and Financial Freedom.

02:50 - Roots of Resilience and the Influence of Hardworking Parents.

04:03 - From Ambition to Action.

05:31 - Seizing Opportunities and Advice for Aspiring Real Estate Professionals.

06:23 - Experience and Evolution in Real Estate Prospecting.

07:52 - Nathan's Journey to Freedom Property and the Power of Branding.

09:32 - Overcoming Doubt and taking the Leap of Faith into a New Brand and Opportunity.

10:17 - From Zero to Hero.

12:30 - Navigating Growth from Self-Doubt to Realising Potential.

13:46 - Embracing Authenticity and the Path to Building Trust and Success.

16:03 - Facing the Spotlight - Overcoming Fear and Embracing Authenticity.

17:34 - Nathan's Vision for Growth in Redland City.

18:48 - Leveraging Support to Maximise Opportunities.

20:16 - Implementing Strategies for Comprehensive Client Engagement and Growth.

21:11 - Setting the Bar High: Challenging Perspectives and Driving Success.

22:19 - Advice for Aspiring Real Estate Professionals and Why Freedom Property.

23:04 - Leveraging Effective Systems for Efficiency and Growth.

We hope you enjoy this latest episode. Please be sure to follow, review and share while you’re there. 

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