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7 Must-ask Questions for Buyers

Agents, stop missing opportunities!

Prepare yourself for success by asking customers strategic questions to find out where they are in the home buying or selling process and identify their requirements.

Asking the right question could be all it takes to secure your next listing or sale.

Here are some important questions to ask when talking to your buyers on the phone or at open homes:

  • Are you researching buying or selling today? Asking this straightforward question will help you understand the buyer’s primary objective. Knowing what the buyer’s needs and priorities are can help you determine how to help them.

  • Ask them what kind of timeline they are working with. This crucial piece of information will shape the way you help a buyer with their search. Be sure to add details in your opportunity comments and place them in the correct stage.

  • How many homes have you seen so far? Similar to the last question, this can help you determine what stage of the process the potential buyer is in.

  • Do you have a pre-approval letter? This will help you identify those who are active and serious about making a real estate purchase, and give your sellers greater confidence when considering to accept any offers.

  • Have you purchased a property before? If so, they'll be aware of how the process typically works and more comfortable when you discuss the buying process.

  • Do you own a property at the moment? This question is crucial as it will identify potential sellers. Be sure to follow up by asking when were they thinking of selling, their ideal terms and if they require help.

  • How’s the sale of your place going? Again, this question will give you a general idea of the buyer’s situation, whether they are actually selling or not, so you can determine if they need to sell their home first before purchasing a new one. You might just catch them off-guard and willing to share this with you.

  • Open homes are a great opportunity to get to know clients on a more personal level. By taking the time to ask a few simple questions, you can find out a buyer’s situation which can help secure deals or future business.


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