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Breaking News: Queensland Government Doubles First Home Owner Grant to $30,000

Exciting news for aspiring homeowners as the Queensland Government has just announced a groundbreaking development - doubling the First Home Owner Grant to an incredible $30,000.

This substantial increase, shared in a recent ministerial announcement, means eligible first home buyers will now have access to double the support, effective from Monday, November 20.

By doubling the First Home Owner Grant, the Palaszczuk Government demonstrates its strong backing for first home buyers, providing an increased incentive and financial boost for those entering the property market.

This updated scheme sets up Queenslanders with one of the highest First Home Owner Grants in Australia, tripling the grants available in New South Wales and Victoria. The estimated impact? Approximately 12,000 buyers are set to unlock their first home by June 30, 2025, before the boost concludes.

This announcement offers a golden opportunity for new home buyers to transition from renting to owning their dream property.

Eligibility Criteria

To qualify, buyers must be purchasing or constructing a new home valued under $750,000, and it must be their first residential property owned in Australia. Eligible homes encompass various types, from houses, units, duplexes, to substantially renovated homes or off-the-plan purchases.

While government grants and incentives play a pivotal role in aiding first home buyers, navigating these programs and understanding eligibility can be complex and subject to change. To navigate these challenges, thorough research, professional advice and collaboration with industry experts are advisable.

Stay updated with the latest government policies, grants, and receive tailored guidance to suit your unique circumstances by contacting your local Freedom agent.

If you are a buyer looking to take advantage of this opportunity, fill out the form below.


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