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Fostering Excellence: A Look at Freedom's 2024 Training & Events Program

We recently shared our yearly Training & Events Overview with agents. Packed with engaging activities, learning opportunities and team-building events, here’s a snapshot of what we provide for our valued agents throughout the year.

Are you receiving this type of value in your current role?

Onboarding Training: Held monthly for new agents to get your real estate sales business set up and running. New recruits are introduced to their state-of-the-art system and all the basics to launch into your new chapter with Freedom. On top of this, we continue to step you through your first month with an online email series full of helpful tips and information, plus our in-house team is always on hand to assist you. 

Quarterly Mastery Sessions: Ever find yourself sitting in training sessions with zero real-life application to you? That’s why we’ve designed structured and focused training sessions to enhance the skills and knowledge of our team members within their specific roles in a real estate sales business unit. Tailored to your needs, these sessions are crucial for staying competitive in the dynamic real estate market and adapting to industry changes. 

Sales Accelerator Training: A focused and dynamic forum designed to enhance skills, share best practices and foster continuous learning within the team. The session includes a mix of guests, structured training modules and interactive activities, with Listing Presentation Hot Seat for agents to practice and refine their skills. Streamed live online, available for all Freedom agents across Australia.

Quarterly & Annual Excellence Awards: Joining to honour outstanding accomplishments Freedom-wide, we celebrate our collective success and spend time reflecting and recharging before launching into the next phase. Delectable food, refreshing drinks and team-building activities that will strengthen our bond are regularly served up. Here, we engage with motivational speakers who will inspire us to reach new heights. 

Agent Growth: Our online training course, open to all agents, covers everything you need to know about real estate. It provides a safe community space for collaboration, learning classroom with detailed videos and access to marketing services. It is the culmination of over 20 years of experience in property sales, media and marketing. Keep an eye out on the Agent Growth Instagram and Facebook pages for more information.

On top of this, we come together to celebrate significant events throughout the year, such as the Annual Christmas Party featured in the video above, plus our individual offices provide 1-1 coaching and the Freedom model gives agents a transparent career path from Buyer Manager to Office Owner.

Culture, training and events are a priority for Freedom and its agents. We’re making 2024 another year to remember, together!

For more information about how we support our agents, fill out the form below. 


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