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Freedom Property Podcast Episode: The Power of a Strong Rent Roll with Ben Jackson

This week, the podcast brings you insights from an exceptional lead agent with 23 years of experience within real estate and several awards to his name. 

A Top 50 Agent selling in inner-city Brisbane, Ben has been with Metrocity Realty since 2001. Following his attainment of a Bachelor of Business degree from the University of Queensland, what began as a brief stint assisting the family business evolved into a thriving real estate career. With an average of 60-80 transactions annually, Ben has established a prosperous career in the industry.

Join Josh in this podcast episode as he sits down with Ben to delve into the bustling start of the year. From price checks to appraisals and people gearing up for their plans, they cover it all.

00:00 - Setting the Scene: Ben shares insights into the busy start of the year, including various tasks such as price checks, appraisals, and clients preparing for their endeavours.

01:16 - Overview of Metro City West End: Highlighting its lineage in real estate dating back to the 1980s

02:46 - Management Structure and Focus: The management structure at his agency, emphasises their significant rent roll and the dedicated team responsible for sales, investor relations, and property management.

04:31 - Business Strategy and Differentiation: Delve into Metro City West End's business strategy, focusing on leveraging their rent roll and catering to investor inquiries, along with their unique approach to listing presentations.

06:21 - Personal Goals and Work-Life Balance: Personal goals, emphasising the importance of maintaining a work-life balance while leading a supportive team.

08:11 - Real Estate Insights: Tips, tricks, and strategies for real estate agents to elevate their business and personal life.

10:06 - Importance of Local Knowledge and Building Relationships: The significance of local knowledge and relationship-building in real estate, sharing anecdotes and insights from experience.

11:46 - Expansion Plans and Market Dynamics: Expansion plans, market dynamics, and the importance of adapting to changing buyer demands.

13:31 - Training and Industry Improvement: The importance of ongoing training and utilising technology to improve efficiency while maintaining a personal touch in client interactions.

15:16 - Building Trust and Delivering Results: Insights into building trust with clients, delivering results, and the fundamental qualities of a successful real estate agent.

To watch on YouTube, click here. Listen and subscribe to the podcast on Spotify or Apple Podcasts. Keep an eye on our socials to learn more about Agent Growth, coming soon.

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