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Fresh Faces Join Freedom

As Freedom Property continues to make strides forward, a wave of dynamic and talented individuals is joining us, injecting new energy and expertise into the team. The latest additions bring a diverse set of skills and experiences, poised to continue redefining the benchmarks of excellence. 

Jennifer Taylor - Sales Associate, Freedom Property Central, Wynnum

Jennifer Taylor, a dynamic newcomer at Freedom Property and Lead Agent of the Only Homes Team, brings a fresh perspective and unparalleled energy to the real estate realm.

Jennifer's approach is not just about buying or selling; it's about crafting personalised solutions that align with clients' aspirations. With a keen understanding of market trends and a passion for delivering top-notch service, Jennifer is set to redefine the standard of excellence in the industry. 

For more information about Jennifer and the Only Homes Team, visit

Adam Hobbs - Sales Associate, Freedom Property Central, Wynnum 

Adam Hobbs is a dedicated and seasoned real estate professional with a wealth of experience as a former buyer’s agent. Adam possesses a deep understanding of the real estate industry, making him a valuable asset to his clients.

His decision to join Freedom Property was influenced by having known many of the current agents personally. Adam was drawn to the supportive and collaborative environment at Freedom, making it an easy choice for him to further his career in real estate. 

For more information about Adam, visit

Missy Hammond - Sales Associate, Freedom Property Central, Cleveland

Introducing Missy, a vibrant and experienced agent at Freedom Property! With a remarkable background in real estate, including the successful flipping of over 10 houses, Missy possesses a deep understanding of investing.

Passionate about every aspect of homes, from interior design to gardening, Missy is not just an agent but a true enthusiast. Clients can expect a dynamic and engaging experience, fuelled by Missy's genuine excitement for real estate.

For more information about Missy, visit

Charlie Woelders - Sales Associate, Freedom Property Central, Cleveland

Charlie is a dynamic and enthusiastic real estate agent in the vibrant Redlands community. Under the mentorship of the most reputable agent in the area and fuelled by a burning passion for real estate, Charlie is dedicated to delivering exceptional service and value to every client interaction.

Building career-long relationships is more than just a goal - it's a commitment to ensuring every client feels heard, valued and guided through their real estate journey.

For more information about Charlie, visit

With our recruits bursting onto the scene under the Freedom flag, the stage is set for an exciting chapter of growth and success. These fresh faces embody the commitment to excellence, innovation and client satisfaction that defines Freedom Property. 

Keep an eye out on our Instagram and Facebook, or the agent's websites as listed above, where you'll get to know these rising stars and witness firsthand their dedication to reshaping the real estate landscape.

We look forward to continually welcoming new talent to the team and watching their businesses evolve. The future of Freedom Property has never looked brighter with these exceptional individuals on board. 

To enquire about joining Freedom, fill out the form below.


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