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January Insights Showcase Positive Momentum

In January, Freedom Property's real estate endeavors showcased the team's unwavering dedication and expertise. As we bid farewell to the previous month, let's delve into the numbers that defined our success. 

Total Listings: 70

Led by the outstanding performance of Jacob Reynolds, who secured an impressive 13 listings, our team collectively brought forth a diverse array of listings Australia-wide. 

Total Settled Sales Value: $35,518,720

The culmination of successful transactions resulted in an impressive total amount for settled sales, a testament to our team's proficiency in providing outstanding customer service and navigating the changing real estate landscape. 

Average Days on Market: 4

Efficiency is our forte, as evidenced by the remarkably low average days on market of our property listings. On average, properties under our care found their perfect matches in just 4 days. 

Leads Generated: 3034

Our commitment to connecting with clients and fostering meaningful relationships is evident in the significant number of leads generated during the month of January. Freedom’s in-house Media and Marketing Team has targeted and customised plans that get proven results. 

Top Sales for January

Throughout the month, we assisted many clients with the sale of their properties. Here are the top 5 biggest sales for January. 

1. 7 Apollo Court, Victoria Point $1,445,000.00

Listed and sold by Josh Sherwood 

2. 10 Ormiston Grove, Ormiston $1,405,000.00

Listed and sold by Josh Sherwood 

3. 32 Ormiston Grove, Ormiston $1,400,000.00

Listed and sold by Josh Sherwood 

4. 1 Kassandra Street, Cleveland $1,385,000.00

Listed and sold by Luke Nel 

5. 7 Richmond Close, Thornlands $1,305,000.00

Listed and sold by Nathan Luan 

As we move forward, these statistics serve as a solid foundation for the year ahead. They reflect not only our team's expertise but also the trust and confidence bestowed upon us by our valued clients. 

Here's to a year filled with continued success, growth, and exceeding expectations in the dynamic world of real estate. Thank you for being part of our journey! 

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