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Massive Month of Sales

Despite rising interest rates presenting constant challenges for the property market, Freedom Property has emerged as a leading force, settling 55 properties across June. This makes it our third highest-performing month behind March and May with 60 and 66 settlements respectively. With our agents’ unwavering commitment to excellence and our meticulously designed systems, we’ve had a remarkable month of $42.7 million worth of settled sales. Again, this is our third highest-earning month, the biggest tipping a whopping $54.2M in May, further highlighting our expertise in the industry.

Several noteworthy properties have gone unconditional this month:

3 Alma Street, Thorneside

Rebekah Parker and Emma Miller, two exceptional agents at Freedom Property, achieved a remarkable feat by selling this property for an impressive $907,000 in only 7 days after listing it on the market. Their expertise, dedication and efficient execution allowed them to swiftly connect the property with the right buyer, resulting in an outstanding result.

3 Nevis Court, Redland Bay

Kristian Parker successfully sold this remarkable property for an astounding $1,050,000 in just 6 days. This sale marked a staggering 607% increase in price over a span of 20 years, showcasing the enduring value of Redlands property. Kristian's strategic approach, extensive market knowledge and exceptional negotiation skills played a pivotal role in achieving this remarkable outcome.

10 Wendy Close, Thornlands

In a testament to his exceptional client-driven approach and unwavering commitment to customer service, Tomas Tonks-Foote achieved this remarkable sale within a mere 20-day period, fetching an impressive $1,340,000. This outstanding accomplishment highlighted not only his ability to deliver optimal results but also showcased a remarkable price increase of over 41% in just six years.

155-207 Junction Road, Karalee

As the financial year came to a close, Josh Davey concluded it on a high note by successfully selling 155-207 Junction Road, Karalee for an impressive $1,725,000 at auction following a short 23-day campaign. This remarkable achievement was made possible by Josh's exceptional marketing strategies, which was vital in attracting potential buyers and facilitating a swift sale.

The month of sales we experienced stands as a testament to our team's unwavering dedication to the real estate industry and the power of our well-designed operations. Each successful sale is a result of the tireless efforts, expertise and meticulous planning of our team members. By continuously refining and optimising our operational processes, we have created a solid foundation that allows us to effectively navigate the complexities of any market and deliver exceptional outcomes for our clients.

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