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Real Estate Mastermind, Sherrie Storor

Join us on the latest episode of the Freedom Property Podcast as we sit down with the esteemed Sherrie Storor, renowned real estate trainer and expert. In this engaging interview, Sherrie shares her insights and wisdom gained from years of experience in the industry.

From the keys to successful property investment to navigating the bustling cityscape, Sherrie provides invaluable advice for both seasoned professionals and aspiring entrepreneurs alike. Tune in for a captivating discussion that promises to inspire and empower!

The following topics are discussed:

00:00 - Unlocking Success in Real Estate with Sherrie Storor.

00:39 - Sherrie’s Real Estate Journey.

02:03 - Diverse business ventures.

03:06 - From Sales to Coaching.

03:58 - Empowering real estate professionals and the journey from agent to coach.

05:00 - Mastermind insights: Reflecting on Philip Di Bella's impact.

06:07 - Unveiling the essence of Mastermind.

07:27 - Exciting lineup revealed: Danny Green, Janine Allis, and more at Mastermind.

08:24 - Fostering Trust and Growth.

09:16 - Recognising the challenges and triumphs.

10:10 - The grit and determination of top real estate agents.

10:38 - Balancing perfectionism and control.

11:29 - Transitioning from solo agent to team leader.

11:49 - Elevating your business and life with expert tips and strategies.

12:42 - Scaling your real estate business.

13:20 - Navigating sustainability.

14:41 - Resilience and adaptability: Overcoming Challenges in Real Estate Career Transitions.

15:32 - Maximising Resources for Sustainable Growth in Real Estate.

16:38 - Finding Balance.

17:49 - Tailoring team structures for success.

18:55 - Unveiling the secrets of resilient and balanced real estate agents.

20:15 - Building trust and team dynamics.

21:51 - The power of belief and self-assessment.

22:48 - Embracing stretch targets and outside perspectives.

24:13 - Building your tribe and cultivating relationships.

25:13 - Unlocking high-performance team dynamics.

26:23 - Strategies for creating an attraction model business.

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