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The Untapped Potential of Community to Build Goodwill with Freedom's Heads of Media & Marketing

Agents, if there's one real estate podcast episode you listen to all year, make it this one. In this incredibly value-packed episode, Josh chats with Aimon Bebendorf and Chris Ee, Freedom's Heads of Media and Marketing, to deliver an unmissable lesson in the power of community engagement to build goodwill with your customer base.

They share the exact trade secrets they use to generate thousands of leads and effortlessly collect data to target and retarget potential clients through social media marketing.

At Freedom, we regularly run Community Support Campaigns and offer our agents an in-built plan to become the specialist in their area - all focused on giving back and building profile for both agents and the brand.

Does your brand have an in-house media and marketing team providing you with this type of value? If not, it's time to give Freedom a call. We hope you enjoy the episode. 

00:00 - Exploring Media, Marketing, and Freedom Communities

00:49 - Empowering Agents Through Freedom Communities

01:56 - Creating Goodwill through Community Engagement

02:55 - Utilising Videos and Landing Pages for Targeted Marketing

03:47 - Maximising Agent Marketing: Leveraging Community Videos and Landing Pages

04:42 - Fostering Community Engagement: The Power of Giveaways and Events

06:17 - Building Brand Presence through Genuine Giving

07:29 - Turning Moments into Viral Stories

08:36 - Empowering Agents through Turnkey Community Initiatives

10:05 - The Impact of Personalised Giving

11:14 - Building Trust and Recognition through Community Initiatives 

12:00 - Agents Behind the Scenes

13:28 - Mastering Digital Marketing

14:20 - Retargeting Strategies and Cost-Effective Lead Generation

15:14 - Maximising ROI and Lead Generation

16:10 - The Importance of Building Brand Trust and Recognition 

17:13 - Tracking the Long-Term Value of Marketing Investments

18:06 - Strategies for Testing and Success

19:30 - The Lawn Makeover Giveaway Generating Rapid Leads

20:25 - Innovative Approaches to Real Estate Marketing

21:31 - Mastering the Listing Presentation

22:33 - Long-Term Marketing Strategy

23:32 - Consistency and Perseverance: The Key to Long-Term Success

26:28 - Investing in Your Digital Presence 

28:04 - Quality Content vs. Organic Engagement

29:06 - Celebrating Agents' Achievements and Growth 

30:32 - Unlocking the Power of Email Marketing in Real Estate

32:18 - Email Marketing Insights for Personalised Engagement

33:11 - Maximising Results with Proposals and Follow-Up Emails

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